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Regarding Corona Virus COVID-19:  We are requiring mask wearing for all customers, including vaccinated customers. 
We require hands to be water washed before shopping in the store. 
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We are currently still shipping orders and preparing orders for curbside pickup. Temporary Reduced Hours-Pacific time: Monday-Saturday 10am-6pm and Sun Closed

11/0 Spring Pastel Japanese Bead Set 6 Colors

Full size, 6 colors: Atomic Pink, Lt. Orange, Lt. Yellow, Lime Green, Sky Blue, Lilac. Japanese seed bead set in 6 pastel colors. These beads are super popular and very pretty for any bead project.

These beads can fade, we recommend using them on projects that will not be in the sun for extended periods of time.

Disclaimer: Bright bead colors are not permanent. Be sure to choose an application that does not have a lot of sunlight. 

Do not use for backgrounds of regalia beadwork sets. 

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