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Bead Vac 2023 You bead? You need it!

The latest and greatest! It cleans up spilled beads on the floor. Best part is that this very special vac can separate by color and size of beads due to special micro cellular technology. We are the first bead company in the US to carry it! We are very excited about this product. You don't need to worry about knocking over a bin of beads. It has been specially designed to save you time. When you are done with your project, just dump your beads on the floor. Turn on this machine and the magic will happen. It will suck up your beads, separate by color and size and place them into a plastic zip bag that is labelled with the color and size right on the bag! We couldn't believe the space age tech that was put into this great item. This item is available on our website today only! Check out this awesome item, only available from Dancing Bear Indian Trader! Just saying April Fools, we needed a little laugh! Here's a little special thing for you.... a hidden 15% off coupon for today only! Here's the code: APRILFOOLME23 Normal exceptions apply. Coupon expires on 4/1/2023 at 11:59pm. Plus we will send you an extra special little gift for finding this coupon code.

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