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Powwows we are attending:
San Manuel Powwow Sept 15-17, 2023
Bishop Powwow Sept 22-24, 2023

11/0 6 Color Layer Tubes, Assorted Colors

Each 6" tube contains layers of beads in six colors. Great for beginners and gifts!

11/0 Matte Opaque 6 color layer Tube contains:
F419A Orchid, F414 Royal Blue, F412D Dk Turquoise, F404 Lt Yellow, F406 Dk Orange, F408 Red

11/0 Matte Neon CL 6 color layer Tube contains:
F207A Pink, F205 Dk Orange, F206C Yellow, F206B Apple, F221A Blue, F222A Purple

11/0 Neon CL 6 color layer Tube contains:
207C Dark Pink, 205A Tangerine, 206C Yellow, 206E Dk Apple, 218 Blue, 222A Purple

11/0 Silver Lined AB 6 color layer Tube contains:
638 Lt. Ruby, 637 Lt. Orange, 636 Yellow, 646 Xmas Green, 633 Aqua, 640 Amethyst

11/0 Luster Opaque 6 color layer Tube contains:
426 Red, 424 Orange, 422A Yellow, 430J Turq Green Luster, 430G Turquoise Blue, 439 Orchid

NEW!! 11/0 Halloween Matte / Glow in the Dark 6 color layer tube contains: F401 Matte Black OP, F222A Matte Purple CL, F205 Matte Dk Orange CL, F202A Matte Lt Orange CL, F206B Matte Apple CL, 2710 Glow in the Dark Crystal Bright Green

11/0 Spring Luster Opaque 6 color layer Tube contains: 434 Candy Pink Luster Dyed, 423 Lt Orange Luster, 422 Lt Yellow Luster, 431F Robin's Egg Luster Dyed, 430A Sky Blue Luster, 437 Lilac Luster Dyed

11/0 Matte Spring CL 6 color layer Tube contains: F207D Matte Lt Neon Pink, F202A Matte Lt Orange Neon, F206C Matte Neon Yellow, F219A Matte Robin's Egg, F221 Matte Aqua, F222 Matte Lavender

11/0 Spring Opaque 6 color layer Tube contains: 415 Atomic Pink OP Dyed, 415I Peach OP Dyed, 404C Butter Yellow OP Dyed, 412B Robin's Egg OP Dyed, 413L Lt Sky Blue,  419 Lilac OP Dyed

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